Stretch Film

Stretch film also referred to as “stretch wrap”, is a highly elastic and stretchable plastic film used for various packing and bundling purposes. It is commonly employed to secure and protect products on pallets, ensuring stability during transport or storage.

Standard Stretch Film

  • Superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal.
  • superior protection during transport, keep your goods away from rain, snow and dust

Mini Stretch Film

  • Can be easily controlled with one hand, making packaging more flexible and convenient.
  • Highly stretchable, with a stretch ratio of up to 500%,

Pre-stretch Film

  • Reduces packaging waste by 50% against conventional film and increasing the film strength and improving load stability.
  • Better performance with lower cost.

Color Stretch Film

  • Colorful film are perfect for labeling and  keep stuffs secret safety and security.
  • The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated.

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