Packing List Envelope

Packing list envelopes are made from a blended polyethylene plastic film in clear, white or red which has been formulated for superior print-ability. Utilizing strong adhesive that make these packing list envelopes stick well to cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, metal etc. Special printed full faces and panel style packing list envelope make identifying shipping documents such as packing slips, invoices, warranty information, operation instructions etc.

Standard Packing List Envelope

  • Made of CPP, CPE and release paper.
  • Smooth, high transparency, strong adhiesive.
  • Protect invoice inside from loss, miost

Printed Packing List Envelope

  • Print available on top and bottom film, even on release paper.
  • Can print up to 8 colors.
  • Easy to use, srong adhesive backing for attaching to variety of surface.

Overlap Packing List Envelope

  • Use the overlap, convenient to put or take the document insert.
  • Can be reuse in the transportation, save packing cost.

Red Bottom Film Packing List Envelope

  • Bottom film color come from film blowing process, lower cost than print.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing, easily sticks.

Reusable Packing List Envelope

  • Double adhesive strip, can be reuse in the next shipment.
  • Convenient and eco-friendly.

Ziplock Packing List Envelope

  • There is a zip-lock on the closure, easy to open and close.
  • Can be resure multiple times and save packing cost.
  • Prevent packing slip from loss and get wet.

Paper Packing List Envelope

  • Made of silicon paper, 100% paper only.
  • Documents inserted to be visible.
  • Strong-adhesion, tamper-proof, waterpoof.

Tamper Evident Bag

  • Level 4 tamper evident tape for closure.
  •  Can print sequential code on the bag.
  • Write-on information panel.

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