Label stickers

We can customized label with different material, size and design. Such as thermal paper, semi-gloss paper, dissolvable paper, wirting paper etc. that able to apple to any product and surface. Labels also available for different use like shipping, warming, labeling etc. We are able to provide solutions for your specific use. 

Direct Thermal Label

  • No need to use ribbon to print.
  • Can customized any size.
  • Easy to peel

Color Direct Thermal Label

  • Comes in different color.
  • Print without ribbion
  • Strong adhesion 

Thermal Transfer Label

  • Smooth and glossy surface allows ink to dry quickly.
  • Print with ribbon, more durable.

Laser & Inkjet Printer Label

  • Similar to writing paper, matte finish ensure ink dry quickly.
  • Suitable for laser and inkejt printers.

Thank You Label

  • Design and size are customizable .
  • Easy to peel and stick.
  • Can apple to any object or scene.

Fragile Label

  • The interaction of white and red makes the sticker text bright and clear.
  • Strong adhesion, not easy to be torn off

Dissolvable Label

  • Eco-friendly, easy to remove.
  • Can be applied to in a wide temperature range from -40° to 176° F.

Linerless Label

  • Withour realease paper, more eco-friendly.
  • Each label has a perforated line, easy to tear.

Price Label

  • Made of writing paper.
  • Good viscosity, smooth paper output, clear printing, fast drying ink.

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