Bubble Mailer

These mailer are either plastic or kraft paper layer on the outsie and lines with bubble, with unique air cellular layer and strong air bubble technology helping absorb shock during shipment. Provide effective shipping protection for your products. An ideal option for shipping items as the mailer is light weight and cost saving packing material. 

Yellow Kraft Paper Bubble Mailer

  • Made from recycle kraft paper exterior, lightweight, will not add to your shipping cost.

Co-extruded Film Bubble Mailer

  • The co-extruded poly bubble mailer is made of poly film.
  • Comes in different color and size.

Pearl Film Bubble Mailer

  • Made of BOPP pearlized film laminated with air bubble.
  • Shining surface, embedded with waterproof & punctureproof technology

Poly Bubble Mailer

  • Poly film laminated with plastic bubble.
  • No bubble hole on the surafce 
  • Fully laminated, the plastic poly offers all-round moisture protection.

Metallic Bubble Mailer

  • Made of aluminium foil + PE film +PE bubble, trendy finish.
  • Able to keep stable temperature during shipment.

Ziplock Bubble Mailer

  • These reclosable bubble bags are great for keeping memorabilia and shippig fragile components.

Clear Bubble Pouch

  • Clear padded bubble bag without exterior film, clean and flexible air cushioning materials.

100% Compostable Bubble Mialer

  • Made of PBAT+PBAT and corn starch in accordance with the standards of ASTM 6400, EN13432, BPI.

100% Compostable Kraft Paper Bubble Mailer

  • Kraft paper on the outside, inside compostable bubble.
  • Can compostable at home.

EPE Foam Bubble Mailer

  • Is a new idae of bubbla pouch, inside is EPE foam instead of bubble.

Honeycomb Paper Mailer

  • Made of recyclable and degradable kraft paper.
  • The honeycomb paper play a good buffer protection effect.

Corrugated Paper Mailer

  • Corrugated paper inside, give  good protection.
  • Perfect alternative to plastic bubble bags.

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